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Why Was the Provisional Government Overthrown in Russia - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Why Was the Provisional Government Overthrown in Russia?” the author analyzes Russia’s 1917 Revolution, which was a regular continuation of the Russian political and social crisis, which was caused by two wars waged by the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century…
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Why Was the Provisional Government Overthrown in Russia
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Extract of sample "Why Was the Provisional Government Overthrown in Russia"

Download file to see previous pages Nicholas II didn’t have the political will, didn’t have the emperor’s charisma and was a short-eyed politician. His surrounding was unqualified men too and neither they nor he had a clear idea about the situation in the country as they lived in the world of luxury. It’s enough to remind that situation in 1917 in Russia was very uneasy: Russia barely survived the revolution of 1905, the working movement inspired by Marxist ideas was growing on the hand with nationalism in Poland, Finland, Ukraine, Baltic provinces and Caucasus. Imperial government policies were very ineffective and in many respects suppressed the dynamic development of the province. The domestic and foreign policy caused the nation’s anger and disrespect both in the eyes of own people and foreigners. As a result, Russian defeats and casualties on the WWI battlefields became a culminating point of Russian troubled times – the March Revolution began. Ultimately, Czar’s rule was replaced and two main powers appeared: Provisional Government, which consisted of a wealthy elite, and local Soviets, which represented the majority of the population.
Power dualism in the society ruled only by chaos was not successful. Provisional government with progressive western ideas of future reforms saw Russia as a democratic state ruled by elective parliament and government. The provisional government was established as a government organ to rule the country before the constituent assembly was elected. The provisional government was a legitimate body as prince Mikhail gave it plenary powers after Tsar Nicholas II abdicated in favor of his brother prince Mikhail. The provisional government was formed from the most influential political figures of the Russian empire: aristocrats, politicians from Duma (including social democrats) and military men. The provisional government proclaimed that it would continue the war with Germany until the victory. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Why Was the Provisional Government Overthrown in Russia Assignment, n.d.)
Why Was the Provisional Government Overthrown in Russia Assignment.
(Why Was the Provisional Government Overthrown in Russia Assignment)
Why Was the Provisional Government Overthrown in Russia Assignment.
“Why Was the Provisional Government Overthrown in Russia Assignment”.
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