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The World History - Essay Example

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The paper "The World History" shall discuss the extent to which the extraordinary period of global interaction as discussed by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto in “The World: A History” laid the foundation for various socio-cultural and political changes experienced…
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The World History
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Download file to see previous pages The chapter also discusses the formation of the fresh empires of Eurasia such as the Ottoman and the Russian Empires. This was the basis for the fall of the new world as manifested in chapter 18. It was also a basis for the microbial changes that Eurasia experienced especially with the advent of plagues and diseases that were previously unknown. Chapter 16 describes the new empires that came into being in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. These empires were divided into both maritime such as Portugal, Asia and Dutch and land empires such as China, Ottomans, and India. America also experienced novel land empires and they worked towards ensuring their success. These efforts by the Americans had a big impact on the world at large and specifically on matters of trade. This set a framework for the ecological revolution that took place in these centuries. For instance, people were able to move labor across the globe as analyzed in chapter 17. Others migrated to new places where they settled. People were also able to reclaim new lands and discover new sources of energy. Culturally, people were able to interact and exchange with one another various plants and animals that were not existent in the other cultures. Some of these were coffee, tea, maize, and livestock. The formation of the new world also gave rise to a change in the religious views of the people. Christianity was introduced in the delicate empires of Africa as indicated in chapter 18. Buddhism and Islam also spread to other nations such as Japan and China. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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