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Aristotelian theory of virtueand the rule of the golden mean - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the Aristotelian theory of virtue and the rule of the golden mean. As far as the Aristotelian theory of virtue is based on the rule of the golden mean, it is important, according to Aristotle, to adhere to what is not too much to neither good nor bad extent…
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Aristotelian theory of virtueand the rule of the golden mean
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Aristotelian theory of virtueand the rule of the golden mean

Download file to see previous pages... This essay discusses that these are the reasons why Categorical Imperative requires choosing the option to help the roommate, notwithstanding that it may influence the results of the crucially important life-changing test. Mill’s Utilitarianism is based on the claim that people should act in accordance with what will make them happier and bring as much utility as possible. However, moral actions in this context are those that would also make other people happier and reduce the overall amount of unhappiness. Thus the moral doctrine, in general, proclaims looking for a compromise that would satisfy both a person and the other person who needs help. In the given situation, it is important to find a solution that would allow me to sleep enough and not to fail the test and help the friend to get home safe. Driving the friend home myself can affect my test score, which would not bring me any utility; although living my friend alone in such situation would not only be bad for him but also would make me think of what an immoral person I am, which turns out to be bad for me as well. Thus the best compromise in this situation is probably to call a taxi and pay the driver to bring my friend home. While the taxi would be delivering the roommate, I would be able to keep sleeping, so I wouldn’t fail the exam of my life. Therefore this compromising decision would both help my friend and allow me to get some sleep which is required to succeed on the exam, which is of crucial importance and can’t be failed whatsoever. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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