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According to Warren Larson (2008) in his journal Jesus in Islam and Christianity, the Qur’an contains a great deal of Biblical literature that would be beneficial to Christians. Among them, Jesus Christ forms…
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Unit 4 Assignment
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Christianity and Islam al Affiliation Christianity and Islam are the world’s most populous religions. According to Warren Larson (2008) in his journal Jesus in Islam and Christianity, the Qur’an contains a great deal of Biblical literature that would be beneficial to Christians. Among them, Jesus Christ forms the subject of Muslim-Christian dialogue due to the contrasting similarities and differences that both religions share concerning their religious beliefs. It is important to mention that, Jesus Christ features predominantly among Christian believers. He is viewed as the Son of God and a status symbol of solidifying one’s faith in Christianity. On the contrary, Muslims oppose the notion that Jesus is God’s Son, notwithstanding, they believe that they honor Him more than even those in the Christian faith. Accordingly, Jesus Christ forms the basis of discussion in terms of similarities and dissimilarities between Christianity and the Islam faith.
Christians and Muslims do believe that Jesus Christ was a messenger sent from God. The Qur’an acknowledges that Jesus was born of Virgin Mary and was sent to be a Messenger among messengers who had ceased to be in existence (Qur’an 5:75). On the other hand, the Bible speaks of God choosing Mary to bear the pregnancy of Jesus Christ. Accordingly, God sends the Angel Gabriel to go and inform Mary of the expected child born of the Spirit. The conditions under which Mary conceived Jesus are considered to be miraculous in both religions. For instance, the Qur’an says that Angel Gabriel introduced himself as a Messenger of Allah to give her news of the gift of a son. (Qur’an 19:16). On the other hand, the Bible supports these sentiments on a Christian view through the Book of Look chapter one verse twenty-six (Sayre, 2011). Accordingly, Jesus’s main purpose as God’s Messenger was to convey God’s message to the people and perform miracles among other duties as stipulated in the Bible and the Qur’an.
Despite Jesus Christ being a common denominator among Muslims and Christians, there is a certain predicament that both religions disagree over. On one hand, Christians believe that Christ is the Son of God, and on the contrary, Muslims refute this notion by claiming that: just like other Messengers from Allah, Jesus Christ was a Prophet. Sayre (2011) states that Christians confine their divinity to Jesus Christ through worshipping Him and according him the title as the “Messiah” to mean, their Savior sent from God. In contrast, the Muslim faith believes in the miraculous existence of Jesus, they claim that He is just as normal as other Prophets from Allah. In support of their argument, Muslims believe that Allah is omnipotent and cannot reproduce as humans (Sayre, 2011). In short, God is not able to naturally bear any children. Thus, Jesus Christ is not Allah’s child.
In summary, both Christians and Muslims do believe in the existence of Jesus Christ. The worshipers believe that Jesus was a God given Messenger to mankind, and he did live up to the expectations of gathering believers and performing miracles. In addition, Christians and Muslims believe that Jesus Christ’s miracles and words of wisdom were conveyed through God Himself. Besides, most of the aspects that surround the existence and performance of duties by Christ are related between both the religions. The difference only arises on whether Jesus is God’s son and in that regard; He should be adored and worshiped.
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Differences, 36(3), 327-341.
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