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Critical Response #2 - Essay Example

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From the text ‘A Thirty Years War’ and ‘The Native American and the Civil War,’ there are a number of issues that arise from the story presented. The story mainly addresses some of the events of the story where there was a constant war between the Native American Indians…
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Critical Response #2
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"Critical Response #2"

Download file to see previous pages From the text, the Indians vow to fight for what was theirs. The war was fuelled by the fact that the white men had invaded their country and proceeded on to lay claim to their means of support. This invasion had brought with it some disadvantages and interferences in their daily lives. They had broken their mode of leaving and habits of their life.
Furthermore, they had introduced diseases and decay among the Indians which significantly led to suffering as they did not have any natural immunity to resist the new diseases. Many of them thus succumbed to the diseases . Hence they grew with a mindset to ensure the resistance of the Indians at all cost. The whites new therefore they would not expect less considering what they had done to the natives. War was all they could expect in that society. Besides the need for war, there was also the demand for the freedom of the Indian Natives from the whites. They had been colonized and demanded their freedom.
Answers to this pressing issues were only sought out through the use of the civil war that took a period of about thirty years. The Indians had been superior in military force to the whites. They had the advantage of shooting up to 30 arrows before a white man could loa d their gun and shoot again. Advancement in technology, however, changed this balance. The Indians were defeated leading to their slavery. Changes in the administration changed the way the people coexisted with the Indians being given the chance to own land. Even still the land was still small and most of it with Gold was taken over by the whites in the area. To earn their freedom, the Native Indians joined the Confederacy.
The Gilded Age was an era punctuated by many evils in the society. This period is described as being in the late 19th century. Gangs and people took this opportunity to rule over people and do all the dirty trade deals. Corruption was at the time the highest and was still building. Those who had enough money had many avenues ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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