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Exam /identifications( only if you familiar with the questions and can give more open answer than just wekipedia) - Essay Example

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The main impact of this reformation is breaking away from the Church of England from pope’s authority as well as the Roman Catholic Church. The events that took place during this…
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Exam essay/identifications( only if you familiar with the questions and can give more open answer than just wekipedia)
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"Exam /identifications( only if you familiar with the questions and can give more open answer than just wekipedia)"

Download file to see previous pages Other factors that are attributable to these reforms include the feudalism’s decline, the rise of common law, and the nationalism’s rise. The reforms brought about significant changes in England’s churches as well as their operations and in the political arena as the document discusses.
King Henry VIII reigned in England for thirty years. He presided over comprehensive changes which saw his nation into a great protestant reformation. He married a series of six wives. This was in the search of marital bliss, healthy male heir as well as a political alliance. The king’s desire of annulling his first marriage deprived of papal approval gave rise to a separate Church of England. Among his six marriages, two of them ended in annulment. Two of them were as a result of natural deaths while two other were as a result of beheadings of his wives as a result of treason and adultery. It is hence clear that the king’s acts partly contributed to the Protestant reforms that took place in England (Bradstock, 2011). King Henry VIII resolved that he required no permission from the Roman Catholic to execute any matter related to the church. This was contrary to the trend that had been in existence. The act hence formed the beginning of the Protestant reforms.
The acts of parliament that were passed between the years 1532 to 1534 also played a significant role in the Protestant reforms. Act of Supremacy is among the acts that were passed during this period (Bucholz & Key, 2009). This act declared King Henry VIII as the Church of England’s supreme head in the entire world. This marked another reform in the protest church of England. They first shifted from the Roman Catholic, and now they are directly linked with the political leadership of England. The final authority in legal disputes and doctrinal from hence became the monarch’s responsibility. The papacy was dispossessed of revenue as well as the final say in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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