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Two mothers are introduced to the readers based on the manner in which they treat their sons. The first mother has a son who suffers the consequences of malnutrition. The…
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Analysis paper
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"Analysis paper"

Download file to see previous pages The second mother seeks wise advice from the elders on how to appropriately deal with the condition of the son. The elders then present the woman with a solution that involves taking of soups instead of vegetables (Marchand, 1985). These two analogies present certain aspects concerning advertisements. The parables provide a correlation between the Biblical perspectives and the circular tendencies. The Bible is characterized by moral and positive values that are aimed at changing people’s perspectives on certain fundamental issues in the society. Advertisements should present facts concerning products and services offered in the market.
Advertisements are meant to provide the correct information concerning a particular product or services. However, advertisements have become extensively complicated to the extent that it does not present the appropriate information concerning the products. Ideally, organizations and companies have increasingly taken advantage of their customers to the extent that most of the information providers are false or biased. For instance, when advertisements are done, it is expected that they are to communicate the exact value of the brand to the customer. However, rarely are such positive gestures provided because producers are fixated with seeking markets for their products without considering the welfare of their clients. Some advertisements have promoted consumerism tendencies affected, making customers buy products that they would otherwise not need.
While some advertisements are ethically and morally flawed, most of them present the consumers with the actual values of the products. Case in point is that such advertisements do no exaggerate or provide false information concerning the products and services. Consumers ought to be protected from advertisers who are not considerate of the plight of clients. Flawed advertising can be compared to the parable of the mother who forces the son to take ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6.
“Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6”, n.d.
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Analysis Paper
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