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The Development of Architecture through the Different cultures - Essay Example

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Architecture is one of the oldest forms of expression that can be seen to express humanism and the culture of the people living in a specific period. This paper looks at the different forms of architecture and how they influenced culture and the promotion of new ideas…
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The Development of Architecture through the Different cultures
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"The Development of Architecture through the Different cultures"

Download file to see previous pages Architecture is a visible indicator of the culture and beliefs of the people highlighting their qualities and abilities in life. Architectural designs serve the society and are responsible for improving the quality of life of the people and are therefore a manifestation of the wishes of the society to be civilized. It helps in identifying the different beliefs and forms of art of the people in a specific period since architecture communicates the different qualities and principles that the designers had in mind as they were making the buildings. Architectural designs last for many years and are therefore part of the past culture as identified by the constructs that can be viewed in the present. The designs are delivered mainly through buildings and the environment making it possible to create new innovations and ideas in the construction and building of a new environment. It is a continuous process and changes over time due to the different characteristics and features that are present in a specific culture. Architects play around with space and aim to convert the space into a specific form given the equipment and level of advancement that is available. The Greeks has great buildings that were later adopted by the High Renaissance in Italy. This was mainly because of the humanist philosophy that had been adopted in the High Renaissance and was similar to the ancient civilization. It is therefore a roadmap to the different developments and milestones that have been witnessed in the world and in different cultures. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Development of Architecture through the Different Cultures Essay)
The Development of Architecture through the Different Cultures Essay.
“The Development of Architecture through the Different Cultures Essay”, n.d.
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