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Describing how the civilizations were similar and how they differed - Essay Example

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In order for a human community to undergo civilization, a numerous number of elements should join. The elements may include the existence of settlements, adequate…
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"Describing how the civilizations were similar and how they differed"

Download file to see previous pages The civilizations extended and some areas developed dependently and together while the Chinese civilization developed independently (Schirokauer 24). Although there was some influence on the West’s cultures. In most cases, the Chines development occurred in the sections known as the dynasties. The dynasties were divided into three categories namely, early dynasty, imperial dynasties and end of ancient china.
The Qin dynasty was established as a type of China civilization dynasties by Shi Huangti. The Qin dynasty can be also referred to as the China era. Shi conducted the wall destruction and established the Great Wall of China (Schirokauer 48). He also made travelling easy by building roads to improve the infrastructure of China. He fairly ruled the people and distributed lands. He also expanded his empire and its boundaries (Schirokauer 48). All this and among others are the development of civilization in the empire of Qin dynasty.
The empire of Persian developed civilization in terms of classical civilization. The classical development of civilization in the Persian Empire. Succeed due to the cooperation of leaders in the empire. Several areas of economic activities were taxed 20 percent. Such activities are like religious institution, manufacturing and agriculture among others. The activities were the cause civilization development.
Finally, civilization in the Empire of Macedon. The civilization development started in the year 1913. In this empire, the Greek community was powered and the stabilization of the area. Unlike other empires, Macedon has developed its civilization through development of the area. The mentioned empires above having their differences and similarities. In most cases, development in all the empires influenced the economic development of the area. On the other hand, each empire had a different style of developing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Describing How the Civilizations Were Similar and How They Differed Essay)
Describing How the Civilizations Were Similar and How They Differed Essay.
“Describing How the Civilizations Were Similar and How They Differed Essay”, n.d.
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..., and China and compare them in order to highlight similarities and differences, which influenced the development in human history. Along with the discussion on similarities and differences, we will also discuss the decline of these famous civilizations in order to get a better understanding of the causes of their decline. The Axial Age The period from 800 B.C. to 200 B.C.E. is generally known as the Axial Age. It was the period when a large number of today’s most famous religions were introduced to the people of that time. Modern day Iraq, Greece, and Persia are some of the most prominent civilizations of the Axial Age....
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