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Hitler and the Munich Beer Hall Putsch (1923) - Term Paper Example

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Hitler had been leading the Nazi party with the aim of promoting anti-Semitism and German pride, since 1921. The peace treaty of…
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Hitler and the Munich Beer Hall Putsch (1923)
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"Hitler and the Munich Beer Hall Putsch (1923)"

Download file to see previous pages After the failed attempt of Munich Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler was sentenced to fie years in prison while being convicted of treason. During the following one year, he dictated his autobiography. Called “ Mein Kampf”, based on his political career. While he did not spend more than one year in prison, the event made him a national hero, as he pursued the fresh attempts to rebuild the Nazi party within the given legal framework.
After the heavy loss in World War I and very unfavorable terms of Versailles treaty, the nation had been facing many economic hurdles. The years following this witnessed national instability with veterans and rebellious youths swelling the membership of both the right and left wing parties with the aim of overthrowing the government through armed struggle. The successful “March to Rome” by Mussolini that gave power to fascists in Rome during October 1922 provided inspiration for the youths who had joined Hitler’s Nazi party to carry out such an attempt in Germany. As Nazis prepared for the coup attempt, the membership of this party had exceeded almost 50,000. Accordingly, Hitler planned to start a “March on Berlin” movement for taking over the national government.
During this time, many responsible authorities of Bavarian state government were agitating against the federal policies on the issue of resistance to Franco-Belgian occupation troops. This resulted in their preparation for a coup against the Berlin rule. Accordingly, they discussed the strategy for such action on the evening of 8 November 1923, while meeting at a hall in the eastern part of Munich. In the meanwhile all nationalist and radical forces had formed a coalition called “Kampfbund” to give it a shape of a combat league. However, as Hitler was not invited to the Bavarian meeting of November 8, the rivalry of Hitler and Bavarian President Kahr resulted in the deposition of Bavarian government. Accordingly, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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