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This is because the China was able to interact with various nations along the Ocean for trading and diplomacy intentions (Lu, 2013). The country’s locality enhanced easy…
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Manufacturing, Raw Materials, and Geography
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Manufacturing, Raw Materials and Geography How China’s Geography and Natural Resources Affected Imperialism and Decolonization China’s strategic location along the Pacific Ocean was an instrumental in its imperialism strategies. This is because the China was able to interact with various nations along the Ocean for trading and diplomacy intentions (Lu, 2013). The country’s locality enhanced easy accessibility to other target markets across the region for economic benefits. Similarly, the geographical location of the Eastern country made it hard for them to be dominated by the Europeans. China had developed systems and industrial requirements that facilitated the control of the countries around its borders (Lu, 2013). The large geographical area also made it difficult for the colonists to stamp their influence since it required expertise and numerous resources. The proximity to numerous countries was a concept influenced manufacturing because of the large market base and investment opportunities in those nations (Lu, 2013).
The country possesses natural resources such as Zinc and Coal among others that boosted its industrial productivity. The natural possessions affected decolonization and imperialism because it was not dependent on other countries. As a result, the colonists could not force their interests, in returns for the support extended, to the China (Lu, 2013). This is because China had the power to produce its own commodities and transport them to other regions, including the Western nations. In this regard, decolonization and imperialism were enhanced as the Western powers did not want to interfere with the supply of commodities from China for their industrial developments (Lu, 2013). This implies that China used its natural resources to support industries across the world with cheap raw materials and finished products. This influenced manufacturing in the region through the availability of raw materials to the local firms.
Lu, M. (2013). Chinas regional development: Review and prospect. Xingzhou Publishing
Centre, Xingzhou City. Read More
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