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Frobisher’s first contact with the Inuit people was very bizarre and strange interlude. As the Inuit people paddled their way to meet him, he resorted to let five of his men go with them in their Kayaks so that they can find something about the natives. This did not end…
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Download file to see previous pages a. The Powhatan people were Native Americans living in the present day Virginia. These people lived in villages which could be made up of up to one hundred homes. Some of their villages were separated and protected by wooden palisades and had carefully guarded gardens. They were farmers and they sowed corn, peas, beans and sunflowers. The Powhatan lived in confederacy to protect themselves from intrusions. This did not change with the arrival of the English people.
b. Among the Powhatan people, it was the tradition for the chief to bow down during the coronation ceremony (500 Nations). This did not happen with Wahusenaka who refused to bow down because of his hatred for the English intruders. This heavily contrasts with Smith’s adoption ceremony where bowing was witnessed. Wahusenaka’s refusal to bow made the ceremony to end on a bad note.
a. The Squanto story matters today as it explores the origin of the collaboration between the Native Americans and the English people. When the English people arrived in their Mayflower ship, it was Squanto who welcomed them and taught them how to survive in the land. Sammoset and Massasoit fit into the story because of the contribution they made towards ensuring the peace and the long standing collaboration between the two groups (500 Nations). In the story thanksgiving came about when Squanto taught the foreigners the need to feast together after harvest was gathered.
a. Wampanoag treated the English people differently compared to the Powhatans. Massasoit’s Wampanoag had a treaty with the foreigners in which they were not to engage in any kind of activities which would harm one another. This created a spirit of peace and collaboration.
b. The English people expected and were confident that Wampanoag would adhere to the English rules and customs due to the treaty which was in place (500 Nations). The leaders were also full of wisdom and prudence and thus they would strive to ensure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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QUESTION SET Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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