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Dome of the rock-research chorniclers and pilgrims narratives through the time period of the structure and religious changes mainly through the time 600-1244 - Essay Example

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Israel has been known for its Jewish dominance and the presence of Christian minorities who have well-structured churches and temples spread across the country. The great king Solomon son of David in order to make the architectural structure a reality, supposedly built one of…
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Dome of the rock-research chorniclers and pilgrims narratives through the time period of the structure and religious changes mainly through the time 600-1244
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"Dome of the rock-research chorniclers and pilgrims narratives through the time period of the structure and religious changes mainly through the time 600-1244"

Download file to see previous pages Islam as a religion has been faced with massive dissent and this has influenced its historical development as a religion found within the Middle East. During the time of Muhammad, Muslims would pray facing Jerusalem as it was considered as the Theqibla. However, the growth of other monotheist religions who believed that Jerusalem was the holy city influenced the decision of the prophet to change and begin paying pilgrimage to mecca. In the 17th century, the rivalry between the Muslims led to division and this prompted Chaliph Abd El-Malik to discourage his followers from paying pilgrimage to mecca, leading to a shift to Jerusalem among this faction (Kaplony 91).
To strengthen the use of Jerusalem as the direction to face during prayers, the leader built the dome of the rock believing that this will assist him in convincing most of his followers to change. The establishment of the dome within Jerusalem, a city revered by Muslims created controversies and wars but the Muslims were able to retain their symbolic image in the city after enduring the impacts of the wars.
Accessibility into the dome of the rock has been restricted for a long time though it has been considered as a tourist site in the country. Before 1967, non-Muslims were not granted access into the mosque though this was changed and limited access has been allowed to other people under strict supervision of security officers. Palestinian residents have been restricted from accessing the site due to security concerns that have existed within the west bank area (Pringle 43). However, Palestinian-Israelis are allowed to access the dome without limitation though security checks are beefed up to avoid the possibility of an attack. Access of the dome of the rock or the mosque’s prayer area is prohibited for non-Muslims during prayer days and on Muslim holy days. Though tourists have flocked the area to witness the magnificent structure, the Jewish orthodox rabbis ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dome of the Rock-Research Chorniclers and Pilgrims Narratives through Essay.
“Dome of the Rock-Research Chorniclers and Pilgrims Narratives through Essay”, n.d.
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