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Prehistoric, Egyptian and Mesopotamian Civilizations - Essay Example

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This essay aims to highlight some of the contributions from the respective civilizations such as Prehistoric, Egyptian and Mesopotamian Civilizations as the manner, in which we live in the contemporary world, is full of contributions made by the older civilizations…
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Prehistoric, Egyptian and Mesopotamian Civilizations
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"Prehistoric, Egyptian and Mesopotamian Civilizations"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Prehistoric, Egyptian and Mesopotamian Civilizations" overviews some of the contributions from the Prehistoric, Egyptian and Mesopotamian Civilizations that still influence the modern world. For instance, the economic, that we practice in the modern times, is majorly influenced by the pre-historic times. Basic pottery and articles used in the homes of people are the contributions of the pre-historic civilizations.
There are various contributions that the Egyptian civilization made in terms of humanistic grounds that are widely practiced in the present times. Despite the initial lack of alphabets, Egyptians were able to invent the art of expression through writing. Egyptians also made a groundbreaking contribution to astronomy. They created a calendar on the basis of prediction of an eclipse that was followed by sowing seeds and harvesting the crops. In addition, Egyptian civilization contributed in the field of medical as they were able to preserve the dead bodies by using compounds and mixtures. In this similar manner, they were able to undertake surgery.
Mesopotamian civilizations left the tool i.e. art of creating artifacts that are used to represent the ideas and technology of the past for future generations. The irrigation system used in the present times has the base from the Mesopotamian civilization. Through the above assessment of different contributions from the three civilizations, it can be stated that present times are full of comforts and tools that were created in the past by our ancestors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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