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Why did Christianity become the religion of the Roman Empire - Term Paper Example

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In this paper, we will focus on the triumph of Christianity in the Roman Empire, which is dated back to the ancient times (Sheridan 187). The existence…
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Why did Christianity become the religion of the Roman Empire
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"Why did Christianity become the religion of the Roman Empire"

Download file to see previous pages Rome citizens lost civic virtue by succumbing to various barbaric invasions (Curran 51). They outsourced the duty to secure the empire from external mercenaries who later were famous which led them to take up the rule of the empire. Pagans increased their level of sacrifices from the fact that Christians had a belief that life existed after one was dead (Bonnet & Mitchell 511). The decline of the Roman Empire is in other regions like North America, it is connected to the rise of a dissenting form of Christianity.
In the ancient period, Rome was evil, and decline was due to Christians overcoming their prosecutors. It was in Galerius’ reign that Christians in Rome would freely worship. Galerius being one of the figures in prosecutions granted the practice of the Christian religion in April 311 (Curran 53). Christians enjoyed the right of a legally accepted religion of Rome (Bonnet & Mitchell 511). Christianity was able to gain more members to its faith by the time Galerius term ended. After the reign of Galerius, Constantine took up the Rome Empire; it was during his rule that Christians encountered a turning point. In Constantine, his law, Christianity had significant developments; it became an officially recognized religion.
This was made possible when Constantine made use of Christian signs and symbols in his reign although other previous religions such as the sun worship were still observed. Constantine built an entirely Christian architecture that had churches in it and lacked any pagan temples (Sheridan 189). A foundation had been set for what is seen today as the center and origin of the Christian world. Constantius, who was Constantines son, ensured that all pagan sacrifices were banned on the Roman land. Gibbon being paganism challenged the history of the church by the small number of martyrs at the time (187).
The church’s traditions were barely questioned. Gibbon believed that the church books were purely secondary materials this is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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