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Film Analysis C.P. Paper on Daniel Boone - Movie Review Example

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David Boone together with Davy Crockett made a mark in history as important pioneers who opened up early paths to the West as hunters, heroes, and fighters. However, these individuals though share the same path, were differently individuals who travelled the same path during…
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Film Analysis C.P. Paper on Daniel Boone
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Download file to see previous pages Since the families in Pennsylvania depended mostly on hunting for food, at age 12 Boone acquired his own rifle and actively engaged in hunting at that point. He hunted both from the local settlers and Lenape village, which belonged to the Indians. Apart from hunting and trapping animals, Boone sold the pelts of the hunted animals in the fur market. Through these activities including exceptional hunting skills, Boone learnt easy routes to the area and to the west, which prepared him as a hunter, explorer, and scout in Kentucky. Similarly, Boone participated in the Braddock’s campaign to seize Fort Duquesne where he served in the military expedition driving a supply wagon (Foreman, 2001). Additionally, he guided the redcoats through the backwoods of Pennsylvania. These activities gave Boone familiarity with the area, which prepared him for the tasks ahead in hunting, exploring, and scouting in Kentucky.
In the wilderness, Boone and the long hunters used their hunting skills, as well as taming skills to penetrate the untamed wilderness and establish a pathway. Among the tools they used to clear the pathway was an axe, which the woodsmen used to cut through to create a wide trail resembling a footpath. Another tool that the long hunters had were riffle slung hang over their shoulders as they moved through the wilderness. In the process of taming Kentucky, Boone experienced personal losses, for example, loved ones. Additionally, Boone encountered several tragedies in the hands of native Indians. First, his daughter was kidnapped, but fortunately, he rescued her. Secondly, was short in the ankle by Indians, but he recovered. Thirdly, he was also captured at some point during the struggle by the Shawnee. Finally, Boone did not enjoy living in the land that he so much fought for, as he had to go settle elsewhere where he could find happiness since Kentucky became too overcrowded for him. An example of Boone’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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