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Women in US politic society from 1950-2014 - Essay Example

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Women got Vote right to replace men in government and non-governmental jobs, and become more educated. After the war, the situation had not changed, women more and more began to occupy…
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Women in US politic society from 1950-2014
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"Women in US politic society from 1950-2014"

Download file to see previous pages Hanna counters the men’s criticism reiterating that her essay is not a myth and in the same context supports its logicality. The society anticipated change within a span of a hundred years.
Traditional men dominance started at least 500 years ago with the women empowerment campaigns and programs giving the women confidence and courage to challenge men. The women gained courage and confidence to undertake the tasks perceived to belong to men. In the same period on Europe fields of battle show up, the musketeers used cumbersome and brave knights. Their use of heavy machinery was because of lack of knowledge of the existence and usage of lighter weapons like swords. Musketeers fought using sticks, which made exposures. The mode of fighting they employed was the conventional means that was usable on a regular basis during that era. Men displayed more strength and masculinity that capably positioned them superior to the females. Revolution over time occurred and knight sheathed their swords. The season of stronger men elapsed as judgments and rating then began to base on mental capability and the intelligence quotient. The society eventually started to value education, intellect, and adaptation to new and modern techniques. Many transformations occurred at this time, which was the duration before the setting of the day of the women.
In addition, one more reason to involve in those changes is second-wave of feminism. Feminism-Socio-political movement, whose goal was to protect all women, discriminated against of sex, race, orientation, age, ethnicity, social status, full social rights. The movement founded in the middle of 19th century and has three waves. Second Wave refers to a span of feminist activity at the beginning of middle 20th century until the end of the 1980s. Second-wave feminists show cultural and political inequalities between man and woman and help to understand how politicized is the sexist society in US. The feminist activist Carol ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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