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History assignment - Essay Example

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Chronic bouts of sickness continually interrupted his education. Following enrollment of his father as an ambassador to U.K, he enrolled…
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History assignment
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"History assignment"

Download file to see previous pages Kennedy earned reputation after serving three years as a democratic congressional representative from the Boston area. He advocated better working conditions, more social security for the aged and higher wages. Kennedy’s outstanding performance during the four prior presidential debates contributed to his election as president of America.
Kennedy’s time in office was not entirely satisfactory. Racial segregation incapacitated his tenure in office as many congresspersons refuted his efforts making it impossible to pass crucial bills that could help curb this situation. In 1964, he signed a bill that freed African-American from bondage of segregation. In addition, he faced recession as a problem that he remedied by proposing income tax cuts. The income tax cuts became actualized thereby raising minimum wage.
History has positively viewed his tenure in office for championing civil rights regardless of race (Inklebarger 28). The fact is evident when he commanded the immediate release of Martin Luther, who was the champion of black people liberation.
The aftermath of him leaving office was lots of tensions. The tension arose because of his closest rival Mr. Lyndon Johnson swearing in to the office at the watch of Mrs. Kennedy. The scene is perceivably a weird experience bearing in mind that the sitting president had just died and not even buried.
Pertinent information, of course, would be that of his infidelity cases. Kennedy got involved sexually with a number of women like Exner, who later confesses that Kennedy’s election could not have been successful without her input. She helped him secure votes in Illinois and West Virginia.
Inklebarger, Timothy. "Digitizing camelot: archive staff at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum have been working feverishly for eight years to provide digital content for historic events leading up to the 50th anniversary of the presidents assassination in November. Now its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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