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Based on the source, write a frictional story about 4 page long on the Song Dynasty - Essay Example

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“My son you need to be careful during this period because all signs depict the possibility of a war and danger is imminent.” Those were my mother’s words as we sat down outside our mud-walled house with a roof thatched with palm leaves. I had little doubt about the…
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Based on the source, write a frictional story about 4 page long on the Song Dynasty
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"Based on the source, write a frictional story about 4 page long on the Song Dynasty"

Download file to see previous pages “Don’t be loud while saying that,” she replied in a whisper. I could understand the seriousness depicted through the sound wrinkles in her face shown by the bright moonlight. The mother had just a single caution if not a problem, she felt I should be protected from any possible persecution as the emperor spies had their ears laid on the ground so as to gather any spark of information.
On the previous day, I heard my father narrating the declarations of King Liu Bei concerning the forthcoming war against Cao Cao to my mother at dusk. The king together with his friend from a neighboring kingdom, Sun Quan had vowed to fight and defend their kingdoms in earnest against any possible conquer by Cao Cao. The father concluded his story outlining that it was actually a time of war, and they (men) should be ready with their weapons and it was never a time for women. The women had their functions stated clearly as being responsible for motivating their men besides offering food and any probable support.
I have a clear memory still of the last words I shared with my father before going to war. It appeared the war could be serious since it involved three kingdoms, but one army appeared to be well endowed with soldiers. “In case the war erupts, I think the battle field would be by the Yangtze River,” I told my father. “No, the destination of the war is not clear yet my son,” he replied. Soon, I could see him in his war gear characterized by a sword on the waist together with a stone and bronze armor. At this juncture, I expected to hear of survival after the war or the worst as had been experienced by unfortunate sons of women in the previous wars.
I thought it was not yet the time for me to lose my father conversely, the feeling of my father losing his father in the previous wars overcame my conscience. I could believe slightly that it was the fate of my grandfather’s lineage that they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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