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Prosopographical examination relating to at least THREE groups in Syria - Essay Example

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The ethnic geography can be categorized into three groups; those living in the northeastern part of the country and north of Damascus. Those living in other rural areas and particularly south of Damascus and the…
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Prosopographical examination relating to at least THREE groups in Syria
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"Prosopographical examination relating to at least THREE groups in Syria"

Download file to see previous pages They are the most powerful sect in Syria, and also the most vulnerable to change in regime since the President Bashar al-Assad is a member of the Alawi community, and they can easily associate. They occupy majority of the highest government and top security ranks, giving them a tremendous amount of power.
The Assad family has been in power since 1970, possessing 80% of the GNP. Under the French rule, the Alawites enjoyed significant positions given to them so as to counterbalance the powerful Sannites. Besides that, many of them were recruited to the Syrian army and gained lots of influence in the society
The Kurds group is among the largest ethnic minority in Syria, constituting between 10% and 15% of the total population. Most of the Kurdish populations are concentrated in the northern parts of the country. Just like the Alawites, the Kurds enjoyed considerable rights as the French authority encouraged minority part of the divide and rule strategy and thereby recruited heavily from the group (Altug 38).
Few of the Kurds in the civil service have attained higher ranks. Most of the small wealthy groups among the group derive their income from real estate businesses (Roussos 36). However, under the Assad regime, a vast population Syrian Kurds consider themselves as victims of discrimination by the authorities, accusing them of neglecting their demand for political, social and cultural rights. Most of them have been stateless since changes to Syrias nationality laws in the 1960s.
Christians make up approximately 10% of the total population, the largest denomination being the Greek Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches (ODDY 16). Christians occupy most parts of the country, with a vast population in the towns of Damascus, Homs and Latakia. In addition, there also exist Christian villages, such as Saydanaya and Maalula, found on the outskirts of Damascus and also the coastal towns of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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