Answer the question:How did slaves in the Antebellum South resist their masters' attempts to control their daily lives - Essay Example

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The chapter 10 of the History of slaves from slaveholder’s records is a take-through of slaves’ life in the antebellum plantation, owned by James Hammond. Hammond had instructed his farm’s overseers to treat his slaves in a humane way and work them moderately. However, the…
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Answer the question:How did slaves in the Antebellum South resist their masters attempts to control their daily lives
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Download file to see previous pages Instead of ultimately trying to avoid the new ascendancy of slavery by Hammond’s men, the slaves resorted to turning to fire-raising and flight (Drew E. Fausts, 1980) to pre-empt the look of rebelliousness. Amid the escaping process, several mysterious fires broke out in the plantation, on one occasion at the gin house, another at the milling house and yet another at the plantation hospital. As Hammond noted in his records, although he was not able to link the destruction to particular individuals, and since the effects on the plantation were minimal, the flight of slaves proved as a potentially more valuable means of instantaneous resistance to master’s authority (Drew E. Fausts, 1980). The substantiation from the respondents excerpts shows that the freeing course of action was not easy but rather a courageous undertaking that demanded resilience and hard work. In an interview of Uncle Ben by Mary white, Ben narrates that some men were not able to stand. Instead “they’d take to the woods, an’ then the dogs ‘ud ketch ‘em (Uncle Ben, 1910).” Fleeing was always a last resort from brutality.
Another instance of those who were fortunate to flee earlier is well brought out by a letter by Henry Bibb to his former master William Gatewood (Henry B Windsor, 1844). Because of being rebellious, Henry was sold by his master and in his letter he writes how he is happy not to his former master’s property. Fleeing was the last resort of defense against the brutality of the former master. Henry writes that the former master slashed his wife even after trying to offer protection by offering himself to suffer. The pain was unbearable, as Henry narrates how the Deception as Form of Resistance
Master’s mistress did not spare even his infant child. Fleeing was a perfect resort of resistance. This is clearly narrated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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