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Traditionally, curatorial practice involves the preservation of historical or cultural items in places like museums, libraries, archives and galleries (Zeiske and Sacramento, 2011). In a contemporary setting, however, curatorial practice has evolved to include digital curation…
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Where does Curatorial Practice enter your own practice
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Curatorial Practice Curatorial Practice Traditionally, curatorial practice involves the preservation of historical or culturalitems in places like museums, libraries, archives and galleries (Zeiske and Sacramento, 2011). In a contemporary setting, however, curatorial practice has evolved to include digital curation and biocuration.
In any setting, be it traditional or modern, curatorial practice has only one objective: preservation, explanation and dissemination of important materials (Zeiske and Sacramento, 2011). Curatorial practice has the benefit of keeping the things organizations or individuals value the most intact and available for viewing publicly or privately. Curatorial practice also helps people understand the history and origins of important materials.
I am a marketer by profession, and since the advent of digital curation, a new dimension of curatorial practice has emerged in the marketing field. It is known as content curation, and it is one of the hottest areas of content marketing. It plays a vital role in accomplishing various objectives, depending on how, where and how organizations use it (Rosenbaum, 2011). While content marketing in the limited sense primarily revolves around identifying, developing and sharing content to achieve business goals and what customers want across the consumer life cycle, content curation is concerned with aggregation, finding, collecting relevant content and then presenting or sharing it to audiences in an optimized or targeted manner. Content curation is more than just about presenting all types of content that marketers stumble upon (Rosenbaum, 2011). It is mainly about doing it in a clever and audience-oriented way, by concentrating on specific topics an organization wants to curate content about. Some curation models even clearly center on community marketing objectives. Content curation is part of the overall content marketing approach.
Rosenbaum, S. (2011). Curation nation: How to profit in the new world of user-generated
content. New York: McGraw-Hill.
Zeiske, C., & Sacramento, N. (2011). ARTocracy art, informal space, and social consequence:
A curatorial handbook in collaborative practice. Berlin: JOVIS Verlag. Read More
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