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The Holocaust: Remembering and Becoming Human - Essay Example

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The essay "The Holocaust: Remembering and Becoming Human" focuses on the stories of the Holocaust are human stories that intersect issues of survival, apathy, escape resistance, rescue, and the search for meaning. Several scholars have exposed the apathy of other nations to the plight of the Jews…
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The Holocaust: Remembering and Becoming Human
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Extract of sample "The Holocaust: Remembering and Becoming Human"

Download file to see previous pages Survival is paramount in these human stories as it has dwarfed other human needs and aspirations for many Holocaust victims. With 6 million or more dying from the Holocaust, it became pertinent to become perniciously aware of surviving during these times. Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman explores the meaning of survival in the Holocaust in “The Holocaust’s Life as a Ghost.” He argues that the ghost of the Holocaust comes from the primordial fear of the Jews of being attacked once more and the perpetual necessity for survival. He states that the “world appears suspect to the core; no worldly event is truly neutral”. This fear comes from the basic need for survival, sometimes, even when the costs are high, even when it includes one’s humanity. Bauman gives Schindler’s List as an example of the need for survival. He says that the film shows that “the sole stake of that most inhuman among human tragedies was to remain alive- while the humanity of life, and particularly its dignity and ethical value, was at best of secondary importance and above all of no consequence and was never allowed to interfere with the principal goal”. In other words, the film demonstrates this adage: “Who survives wins” (Bauman 8). Bauman rejects the simplistic view of survival as a form of winning, however. Survival in the Holocaust is not about the winning over others, but a mere desperate attempt to clutch on to the hope of being human again after these horrendous ordeals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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