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The author examines African American era which was characterized by misdeeds, prejudice where the slaves were humiliated. Racism was at its peak as the whites continued to enjoy their leverages. Racism led to fighting of color in the United States and discrimination on various fronts.    …
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African American Era
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Download file to see previous pages Africans needed machinery which eventually led to the slave trade, Atlantic trade as they call it. It was carried out on three continents. Africans were transported right from sub-Saharan Africa to America. They were exposed to dehumanizing human rights, racial persecutions and many more atrocities upon their transportation and walk long distances as narrated by the slaves in the videos. However, even though blacks had to go such conditions, the diverse African culture was still embroidered in their emotional state which remained apart of them as observed by Margaret Walker in her quotes, i.e. they still practice and held their norms from the past centuries to the present, avoiding the white culture despite the humiliating actions they were put through.
This happened in the 1700 era where there was massive slave trade in the West African region. Millions of African descend were sold to America and European countries. It was carried out in three parts hence the name Middle Passage. First, the Europeans carried goods such as firearms, iron, clothes and many more to the West African countries. On arrival, millions of people were captured and taken by force inform of slaves for the exchange of goods. In fact, one of the slaves narrates how her mother was forcefully taken and the only message she left that he be a good boy. The slaves were then shipped to America where the Europeans exchanged them for commodities such as sugar and cotton which were shipped to European countries.
Captives were then left in America. Here they were exposed to various oppressions by the whites. First, whites had big tracks of land which were to be cultivated. The slaves were forced to work on those plantations producing crops while suffering severe tortures. Indeed they worked tirelessly on the plantations, with almost no food offered to them, while any complaint would result in ruthless agony which caused them physical pain, castrating many deaths among the captives. This is shown from the slave narrative video where the slaves were subjected to thrashing while they were naked.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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