Five structural differences between the farmhouse in Tales from the Green Valley and the medieval cruk house - Assignment Example

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The historic documentation constituted to explore the life in a British farm in Green Valley has different amazing things. On the other hand, the…
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Five structural differences between the farmhouse in Tales from the Green Valley and the medieval cruk house
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Task: Five structural differences between the farmhouse in “Tales from the Green Valley” and the medieval Cruck house Tales from the Green Valley and the medieval Cruck house presents differences in terms of differences in structural construction. The historic documentation constituted to explore the life in a British farm in Green Valley has different amazing things. On the other hand, the latter is a middle age construction and period of structures. In Tales from the Green Valley, a long house is a semi-permanent and proportionately narrow structure while in the medieval Cruck house they are narrow with a rectangular shape (Suggett 61). Besides shape, both are designed to hold many people; however, the decorations differ with respect to culture and tradition. The Tipi in both accounts is a conical shape; however, several material differences prevail. The animal skin and wooden poles in Green Valley presents a much difference from medieval Cruck, which takes a more nomadic pastoralist perspective.
The skills, tools and technology used in both explorations presents a structural replication in thatching. The primitive dwelling pit house in Green valley has a grass roof meant to protect belonging from any environmental harm. The extreme weather in the medieval period; however, brings into light a series of materials such as wood and sticks that represent cultural beliefs. The dazzling social appearance of igloo in the contemporary world presents digital imagination. Nevertheless, in Green Valley igloo and earth lodges only shape presents a notable difference. Apparently, both have the same materials to put up the structure. Arguably, both accounts have the best proclamation of past construction features. Most importantly, the tales can form a primary step to counter faulty digital discoveries (Suggett 89).
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Suggett, Richard. Houses & History in the March of Wales: Radnorshire 1400-1800. Aberystwyth: Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, 2005. Print. Read More
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