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Greener house - Essay Example

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1-Water 1-1 Recycling Gray Water for Home Gardens Gray water is water manufactured by a home, excluding wastewater from toilets. This water specifically includes water from laundry and dishwashing machines, as well as sinks and showers. This water can be recycled and implemented for garden irrigation…
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Greener house
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"Greener house"

Download file to see previous pages Its utilization enables individuals to preserve ground water, which is currently estimated to be consumed at 6.2 liters a week per square meter of land. 1-3 How to get Gray Water from the House to the Garden? • One method of transporting the water is to utilize buckets to transport the water from the sink or the shower to the garden area. The downside of this method is the physical demands of the water transportation. • Another method is through utilizing pressure transfer from the bathtub or water source using a hose to the garden. This method does not function with larger homes. • Perhaps the most effective and efficient water transfer method is through a pump system that transports from an irrigation system. The connections must be sanitary and can be structured when the home is constructed. 2- Solar Home Power System 2-1 Advantages and Comparison In Kuwait solar energy constitutes one of the greatest sources of energy. Solar energy produces minimal pollution compared to more traditional power sources and is also dramatically more cost effective. Figure (2-1-1) investigates Kuwait potentials for solar power. While utilizing solar energy requires solar panels, chart no 2-1-1 demonstrates that the prices for these panels are cost effective and function as a viable source of alternative energy. In further evaluating elements related to implementing solar power Table No. (2-1-1) breaks down energy per home averages. 2-2 Solar Cells ( Photovoltic Cell ) 2-2-1 Definition Solar cells are referred to as photovoltaic (PV) cells. This name refers to the cells function converting sun energy into electric power. A solar panel consists of groupings of photovoltaic cells that are electrically connected. These panels are demonstrated in Figure (2-2-1-2). 2-2-2 Theorem In terms of composition, photovoltaic cells are made with semiconductors. Silicon is one such semiconductor. These semiconductors function by absorbing sunlight and converting it into energy. The electrons within this system then flow through a metal link current into usable devices. 2-2-3 How much Solar Panels create Electericity 7-10 m2 of solar panels produce 1000 watts of electricity. This amount of electricity is generally sufficient for a household. In terms of the specific house being examined there is a section on the roof to support the solar panel. 3- Save Energy 3-1 Electricity Use • Furniture within the house should be oriented according to air conditioning needs. Altering object placement can have a significant impact on cooling. This alters overall energy expenditures. • Fig (3-1-1) illustrates the importance of implementing occupancy sensors that monitor household heat, air, and lighting. These mechanisms will further reduce energy expenditures. • Use light colored paint on the homes exteriors for maximum light efficiency. 3-1-2 LED Lights Fig. (3-1-2-1) demonstrates the use of LED lights. It’s shown that these lights as much as 90% less electric power than traditional lights. LED lights also produce less heat, aiding cooling of the home. These lights also last significantly longer than traditional light sources. It follows that implementing LED lights rather than traditional lighting sources within the household can reduce energy from approximately 40% to 30 3-2 HVAC System • Fig (3-2-1) demonstrates that this system will improve insulation and subsequently limit wasted heat. • ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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