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There are various historic occurrences that have had significant effect not only on the political landscape at the time, but also on the current political…
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Whig party during American Civilization
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Download file to see previous pages The party advocated for internal improvement of the various issues such as roads, railroads and digging of canals and deepening of rivers. At the time the United States of America was very much isolated and they needed to access different markets to sell or buy their goods.
In the United States of America the name “the Whigs” was introduced by Mr. Jefferson after they were forced to drop the name “Anti-federalists after it was declared as inappropriate. In some of his correspondence he called his friends “The Whigs.”All this was as a result of some political differences in regards to the adoption of the constitution. The Constitution of the United States is considered as a “document of eminent wisdom and ability” however it has some weakness (William 54). The people who were in charge of coming up with the document were very much aware of some of the weaknesses of the constitution. Some of the clauses in the constitution became a contentious issue among the big political parties at the time. An example of a such a cause was the ne declaring “"that all men are born free and equal, and entitled to the enjoyment of liberty and the pursuit of happiness," Even though at the time the issue of slavery was rife and the slaves were being mistreated. One major clause that brought a fierce split between the major political parties was the “conflicts between federal and states rights, objects of national or sectional concern, fiscal regulations and financial schemes.” The people who were supporting the adoption of the proposed constitution were referred to as the Federalists while the people who opposed it were referred to as the Anti-Federalists.
In order for the constitution to be adopted some discussions had to be carried out between the major political parties. A series of conventions had to be held to determine if the proposed constitution cud be adopted or not. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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