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Black world study reflection paper, based on reading and viewing materials - Essay Example

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Social change is achieved through various forms one of which is art whereby individuals have protested ills committed in the society through use of arts. Again, art is classified differently with some people choosing songs to send a message across. Others choose poems all in a…
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Black world study reflection paper, based on reading and viewing materials
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"Black world study reflection paper, based on reading and viewing materials"

Download file to see previous pages In the early 60s, stereotyping was rife in United States whereby people from certain races were subjected to discrimination. In a bid to oppose the treatment, many resorted to art using music and other forms. With time, the Americans recognized very race courtesy of art demonstrated by many artists. For this reason, it is appropriate to agree that “dance, poetry, music can bring difference in this country and in this world” (Brown, p.2). To cement this point, various movies have been released where the oppression in many Islamic countries happen. As a result, some countries like Qatar have lately been viewed as civilized due to its approach to various issues.
Additional, singer Elton John, a renowned gay activist has transformed the way same-sex marriages are viewed through music. As a result, same-sex marriages have been legalized and the couples are treated the same as heterosexuals. From the case materials, the story of Primus proves beyond reasonable doubt the power of art. Even though stereotypes still exists in today’s society, it is appropriate to state that much of the change that has been witness is due to art. For instance, in the case of Primus, the owner at the Café society judged her as per her appearance. However, upon insisting for a chance, Primus, “danced with such skill and enthusiasm at her audition that she earned a coveted slot as a Café Society entertainer” (p.13).
From the above explanation, it is clear that afterwards, the perception towards Primus change thanks to art. It is for this reasons that emphasis is made on the power of art. Indeed, it has the capability to change the society but only when given a chance. Racism issues in United States were rampant but one of the people who actively participated in its end was primus. Interestingly, to do this, ‘she waged her artistic and political fight for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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