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That would best describe me. Currently residing in Ohio Valley, I can’t refrain from lots of thinking whenever I figure out how things have significantly changed…
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The Early Republic Introduction I am McDowell’s Jeremy; a Native American, who left everything behind in order to secure hispeople’s freedom. That would best describe me. Currently residing in Ohio Valley, I can’t refrain from lots of thinking whenever I figure out how things have significantly changed since the times of the Colonial Government. So much water has passed under the bridge, but certain memories cannot just fade away; not that easily. Every single day to me back then was a new page of struggle with infinite hope of one-day basking in the glory of victory. Having known the European motives of using the natives against each other for their gain, the few of us who eyed the ultimate price stuck together. Then there was the end of the war, and finally the Revolution with everything being left for the citizens to control1. Our struggles eventually bore fruits. Thereafter, several things changed in terms of the economic, social and political lives of our people; not just considerably but immensely.
Social Reforms
For a start, we now have our social freedom with us, something that was barely evident in the times of the colonial government. The peaceful coexistence evident between the natives was not something to talk about. Instead, there were colonially steered wrangles with the colonial government engineering wars between different kinsmen all to their benefit. Living together as a family without worries of being summoned to join the military is yet another achievement we cannot underestimate. Indigenous warriors would go as far as Fort Duquesne leaving behind wives and children in desolation. The social recognition the citizens enjoy right now is yet another achievement that cannot be taken for granted. To the colonialists, we were just elements of war and bridges to their unending endeavors.
Economic Gains
Secondly, we now have a grip of our economy; something that was beyond our reach back then. This very land we cultivate testifies to that. We can bravely produce our food crops without having to work on the British plantations. Most importantly, we now have land titles as opposed to the temporary land ownership that the colonialists bequeathed as after successful conquests. They would later come back to drive out the natives through devastating raids. The flourishing trade our kinsmen enjoy locally and beyond the regional borders is yet another dream come true. Back then, most Ohioans who ventured in business were small scale shopkeepers who only supplied local products.
Political Achievements
Moreover, we can boast of political freedom at this particular moment; one of the major driving factors that steered endless struggles. We are now united under one national leader who happens to be one of our own. This achievement was unheard of back then when our natives couldn’t rise beyond the position of indigenous warriors2. Moreover, we are now free to elect our leaders like the congress and not appointed and imposed leaders as used to be with the Colonial Government. In addition, we are happy to be the custodians of our constitution; laws that spell our rights and desired form of governance. This is something that was unthinkable during the colonial times when all orders came from the British Headquarters and colonial bosses.
The entire truth is that we have covered milestones in this journey of freedom. Nothing comes on silver Plata as everything was fought for. We have struggled for political, economic and social gains that we stand to enjoy today. However, we don’t regret investing our energy and efforts towards such moves as we have come to realize the benefits. The above could not be possible if not for our sincere, ethical beliefs in freedom and solidarity. I would gladly do the same for my country even right now; with the little strength I have left.
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Timothy J. Shannon. The seven Years’ War in North America: a Brief History with Documents. New York: Bedford/St. martin’s, 2013. Print Read More
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