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A closer look at the text indicates that the writer’s concern was the slavery of having to serve others in order to help them attain…
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Equiano and Pontiac
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Extract of sample "Equiano and Pontiac"

History of slavery Equiano’s emphasis is the kind of slavery that many Africans were ed to by the Western countries which included the US and England. A closer look at the text indicates that the writer’s concern was the slavery of having to serve others in order to help them attain their goals. Additionally, the slave-masters needed to live in luxury. Therefore, the kind of slavery Equiano was sacrificing another person’s dreams and feelings in order to meet own ambitions and indulgence.
Moreover, the author’s complaint about slaver is due to the separation that parents and their children are subjected to. While the author seems to admit helplessness in dealing with the slavery, the impression created is the slavery of separation between slaves. In other words, even though slavery was the order of the day, Equiano’s bitterness is on the incarceration the slaves have to endure. In this regard, the aspect of the write could be seen as one that embraces slavery but fights against separation.
The above conclusions have been as a result of the tone, language and the words used in the lamentations by the writer. For instance, the statement, “must every tender feeling be sacrificed to your avarice” is intended to show that even slaves had their ambitions which sadly had to be sacrificed to please the masters. Further, the writer laments that slaves are denied the chance to hobnob wherever they are. Therefore, usage of these statements and words show the aspect from which the writer is speaking.
Neolin’s Elements
Evidently, Neolin’s criticism in regard toward slavery is the tendency by the Indians to seize the resources of other nations. With strong language and seemingly preparedness, the writer is adamant that the Indians are focused on impoverishing others by forcefully seizing resources. Additionally, the writer is very vehement in criticizing the action by the said group to dictate what kind of food the locals ought to consume. Finally, there is strong element in the purchase of weapons from the Indians by the locals. The writer creates the impression that even without the group’s help, the local people would still live normally courtesy of their religious belief in God.
Equiano vs Pontiac
While both writers agree on the needlessness of slavery, the difference is in addressing their slave masters. While Equiano takes an approach that could be described as a rebuke, Pontiac seems to be prepared to fight them. Additionally, Equiano chooses to rebuke the oppressors using their own faith unlike Pontiac who uses his belief. Moreover, Pntiac goes a step further to use what could be viewed as abusing words, though can interpreted as analogies. In it, the writer refers to the Indians as dogs but the same cannot be said of Equiano whose approach is rather peaceful.
Finally, declaration by Ponitac, “we’re not your slaves” is an indication of resistance compared Equiano’s “cheering the gloom of slavery” which is a sign of defeat. While one writer humbly accepts the situation, the other one is eager to defend the resources. Additionally, Pontiac seems loathsome towards the foods and other items from the Indians. Actually, Pontiac is ready to live without having to use any of their commodities but Equiano is already sold thus rendering him helpless.
Work cited
Foner, Eric. Voices of freedom: a documentary history. New York: W.W. Norton, 2005. Print. Read More
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