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The fear of rebellion that affected their social and economic status. They did these to save these people from getting indebted to others,…
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Nathaniel Bacons Declaration
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Extract of sample "Nathaniel Bacon''s Declaration"

Bacon’s Declaration In 1676, bacon and his supporters decided to put an end to the fear that Governor William Berkeley had impacted on the loyal citizens. The fear of rebellion that affected their social and economic status. They did these to save these people from getting indebted to others, trying to make them satisfied with all what the country could provide and respect for each other’s life and property.
A study done in a survey that outlined how history matters, tried to explain the consequences of how Governor William affected his people. Many debts were created during his time, with a focus on promoting monopoly in trade. These is evidenced after he first ignored the interests presented by his majesty and later experienced unjust gains that were full of betrayal from the Indians who were seen taking control of the country after he sold it to them.
He also led the Indians against their majesty loyal subjects. These brought out rebellion where the royals failed to make sound choices and caused their downfall because they were not contented with all these was happening around them. Also due to the fact of frequent invasions by robbers’ ad murders, the members became devastated ad dissatisfied with the ruling that William gave them.
William tore his people apart when he made them to hate each other which in turn made it for the invaders to attack and tore them a part, these is evidenced by a statement made in consequence eight where it reads, “For the prevention of civil mischief and ruin amongst ourselves while the barbarous enemy in all places did invade, murder, and spoil us, his Majesty’s most faithful subjects.” These meant he gave them lots of murder even to the loyal people.
In conclusion, it is evident that there was division was all over the land that devastated people’s lives and effects in both the social and economic aspects. William with his fear of rebellion, subjected his citizens to lots of debts that made them poorer each day and these weakened them to cause more hatred among each other. The people came to the rescue of Bacon who saw it wise to put the people in economic freedom of which he strived to.
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"Declaration of Nathaniel Bacon in the Name of the People of Virginia, July 30, 1676,"Massachusetts Historical Society Collections, 4th ser., 1871, vol. 9: 184–87. Read More
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