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EARLY US HISTORY Bacons Rebellion - Assignment Example

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I am doing well and missing all of you. I would really love an opportunity to have your good company as soon as possible. I have been somewhat lonely ever since I arrived and settled in Virginia, mostly because I am new to the area and I do not know…
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EARLY US HISTORY Bacons Rebellion
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Extract of sample "EARLY US HISTORY Bacons Rebellion"

Early US History: Bacon’s Rebellion Early US History: Bacon’s Rebellion Dear loved ones, I hope that you are all well. I am doingwell and missing all of you. I would really love an opportunity to have your good company as soon as possible. I have been somewhat lonely ever since I arrived and settled in Virginia, mostly because I am new to the area and I do not know as many people as I did back home.
I know you love the life back home in England and are comfortable with how things are at home. However, having lived here for the specific time that I have, I have come to know well how different life is here in Virginia. For those of you who are thinking about joining me in the New World, I would highly recommend you to do so as soon as possible. I have come to understand the changes that major events such as Bacon’s Rebellion have brought to Virginia. The history of this place is very interesting as it will help you understand major events that took place here and appreciate Virginia more.
I have come to understand life here in Virginia very differently. In colonial Virginia, people used to suffer from a lot of problems such as high taxes and low prices for tobacco. The colonial times were very difficult for many people in Virginia. Those who got along well with the governor during those years, Sir William Berkeley, got special privileges, which was quite unfair to the rest of the people. These privileges were irregular because they were only accorded to those who were close to the governor. The governor also appeared to have failed in defending the region against the frequent attacks by Native Americans. These attacks led to mass deaths, as well as massive loss of property. The region was characterized by a disorganized political framework. Berkeley did not do enough to deal with the safety of the people he was in charge of protecting.
The Bacon’s rebellion was a revolt organized by Nathaniel Bacon in 1976 in colonial Virginia to protest against the problems that were being experienced in Virginia at that time. Bacon was determined to bring the rule of Governor Berkeley to an absolute end. His efforts were aimed at bringing to the attention of the government the fact that all social classes needed to be treated equally and with dignity. Bacon’s rebellion led to a better Virginia that is seen today. The region had serious problems of racism which saw the blacks and whites engaged in constant conflicts. However, during the rebellion, the blacks and whites joined hands to oppose the rule of Governor Berkeley. The ruling class was really threatened by this unity because it was something that had never been seen in the past.
The situation in Virginia is now very different. The place is very peaceful and serene. The problems of high taxation and low prices for tobacco are a thing of the past. Even though critics have accused Bacon of leading the rebellion because of personal vendetta with Governor Berkeley, the rebellion has surely had an impact on the current situation in Virginia that we see now. I urge you to make a trek to the New World and experience all these things for yourselves so that you can make an informed decision of whether to live in England or join me here. Read More
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