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Many societies had been transformed by different aspects of the society and changed significantly. The society of Lancashire had consisted mainly of…
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Download file to see previous pages The introduction of cotton produced a positive effect which completely changed the highly agricultural population towards becoming a manufacturing community. Significant transformations within the society became notable and the social setting was transformed through the way individuals behave within the society (Guest, 28). Traditionally majority of the population within this region relied on arable farming to produce food for their households and any surplus would be sold. The modern day township of Manchester has become inhabited by highly industrious individuals (Kay, 44)
The society within the region was comprised of individuals who upheld and believed in the high moral standards as a way of life (Guest, 26). The settlement of disputes, which rarely occurred was undertaken by clergymen, whose authority was unquestionable (Guest, 26). The harmony which existed within the community surrounding the region had since been lost and the society had become highly permissive (Guest, 27). Social norms were observed by all the members of the society, an aspect which enhanced the peace and tranquillity of the region (Kay, 45). The society could be described as having been highly religious as the observation of religious virtues was considered a mandatory aspect of human livelihood. The dress code of the people could testify to the religious beliefs upheld by the people (Tignor et al., 583). Events occurring in relation to the introduction of cotton resulted in an overall transformation of the society and this caused the people to move away for their beloved social norms to other secular behaviours (Kay, 45; Guest, 27).
According to Guest, farmers within the regions were content with their traditional and cultural responsibilities and showed little support for transformations occurring within the society (Guest, 27). Men worked and provided for their families and were heavily dependent on their families for social and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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