The Mexican Revolution and the Middle Class - Research Paper Example

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This paper "The Mexican Revolution and the Middle Class" examines the role of the middle class in the Mexican Revolution. This paper takes a stand that the middle played an influential role in supporting the revolutionaries in the Mexican revolution of 1910 to 1920…
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The Mexican Revolution and the Middle Class
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Download file to see previous pages The Mexican revolution remains one of the most important revolutions that took place in Latin America. It is marked with political celebrations in Mexico, and this is because it is an important political event. The most important players during this revolution were the middle class. The middle class played a great role in ensuring that the revolutionaries won the war, against President Diaz. These people provided money and soldiers for purposes of advancing the agenda of the revolutionaries. The army was under General Carranza, and it engaged the government in urban centers. The middle-class army also provided support to the armies of General Pancho Villa in the North, and General Zapata in the South.
This support was essential in breaking the various sieges that the government army had laid against these two Generals. By concentrating in urban areas, the government’s army was also limited on how it could advance its troops for purposes of quelling the rebellion in the rural areas of Mexico. Furthermore, after the rebellion, it is the Middle Class who took over power and began initiating a sequence of policies aimed at changing promoting good governance in Mexico. Immediately after the end of this revolution, President Obregon took over the leadership of Mexico and introduced a series of changes aimed at making Mexico a democratic state.
People who argue against the recognition of these revolutions denote that they are bloody and violent, and hence they lead to the loss of lives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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