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Ibn Jubayr and Islam in the West - Assignment Example

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After the journey he travelled back to Spain as he documented his travels. He is recognized for his great work and critical analysis of the diverse religious perspectives portended by the people he…
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Ibn Jubayr and Islam in the West
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Extract of sample "Ibn Jubayr and Islam in the West"

September 22, Ibn Jubayr and the Islam in the West Ibn Jubayr travelled extensively in his journey to Mecca in the 12th century. After the journey he travelled back to Spain as he documented his travels. He is recognized for his great work and critical analysis of the diverse religious perspectives portended by the people he came across during his travels. This essay will reflect how Jubayr’s account reflects the importance of Islam in the West and how he shows a degree of religious tolerance though he condemns Christianity.
Ibn Jubayr documented his work when he was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the Islamic governance in the West was declining at an alarming rate. Menocal (2002) notes that he therefore wanted to show the importance of Islam in his bid to woo more people into it and salvage the situation (p. 54-61). Across his travels, Jubayr points at the practices which were being practiced yet they were not acceptable in the Muslim teachings. For example, while talking about the Palemo Muslims, he notes that they have teachers in their Madrasas yet the same practiced as merchants. He condemned the act.
It is important to note that Jubayr condemns most Christian practices and personalities. According to Bush-Joseph (2012), for instance he describes King Baldwin IV and his mother as pig and sow respectively due to their actions in maintaining Jerusalem and Acre under Christian control (p. 43). However, he shows religious tolerance when describing King William whom he says is admirable for his just conduct (p. 44). This shows that his condemnation of some Christian aspects is not biased as he is fast to note when there is anything to be commended about the same group. Looking at his work, he has critically addressed the significant of the Muslim religion in the west during his travels and interaction with the people.
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Ibn Jubayr and Islam in the West Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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