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The development of the spacecraft and the subsequent landing on the moon signifies one of the major historical events that have not only transformed…
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Landing on the moon
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Landing on the Moon Humans have been very explorative over the years resulting in innovations and developments that have influenced the world greatly. The development of the spacecraft and the subsequent landing on the moon signifies one of the major historical events that have not only transformed the aviation industry but has created a world of possibilities. The initial landings on the moon were done using robots, which confirmed that it was possible to land to the moon and come back. Through such discoveries, the aviation industry has continued to undergo transformation catalyzed by changes in technology and the supremacy of world’s superpowers (USA and USSR) immediately after the Second World War.
The attempt to reach the moon dates back to the mid-20th century. On 13th of September 1959, the Soviet Union made the first object that landed on the surface of the moon. Luna 2 was the name of the spacecraft and was sent without a human accompaniment because of the potential risk that was involved. Despite being the first spacecraft to reach the moon, it was the second to be launched in the direction of the moon after the unsuccessful Luna 1. Through Luna 2’s movement to the moon, various discoveries were made about the moon. It was established that there was no significant magnetic field on the surface of the moon. In addition, there was never found any evidence of the presence of radiation belts in the moon (NASA 1). The United States also made an effort to have a spacecraft to the moon. This led to the landing of Ranger 4 to the moon in 1962 opening up more opportunities for the expansion of the aviation industry.
The reaching of man to the moon was another milestone in the exploration of the moon. On July 20th, 1969 Apollo 11, a spacecraft owned by the United States landed on the surface of the moon with its astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin. This was the first manned spacecraft in the history of moon landings (NASA 1). However, afterwards, there have been other manned as well as unmanned spacecraft that have found their way into the surface of the moon. Between the first manned landings in 1969 to 1972, up to twelve astronauts reached the surface of the moon.
Landing to the moon is not a simple affair; it is characterized by a sophisticated technology. A rocket is the equipment that was developed to break the gravity of the earth hence getting to the surface of the moon where there is no gravity. A rocket is propelled to the space where it continues to increase in speed even in vacuum. This unique characteristic cannot be found in any other aerial equipment such as jets. Therefore, a rocket has the capability of moving past the earth’s atmosphere at high speed. Upon getting to the surface of the moon, the rocket is decelerated until it gets to low speed in order to have a soft landing, which is very essential especially when there are people on board. Otherwise, hand landing is an option for the unmanned rockets. The interventions ensured that the scientists had a rocket to transport them to the moon and back.
In conclusion, the landing of the spacecraft to the moon signified a very important milestone in the history of aviation. The development was stepwise with the first landing being unmanned spacecraft, Luna 2. This was followed by other unmanned landings and subsequently the first manned landing by Apollo 2 materialized in 1969. This form of aviation opened up opportunity for space exploration and development of other aviation technologies.
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