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In the paper “King’s Hard work To Attain Civil Rights” the author discusses the immense hardships of Martin Luther King to attain civil rights for the African Americans of United States. One of the greatest activities performed by him during his fight was his speech…
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King’s Hard work To Attain Civil Rights
Thesis: Martin Luther King Jr. is the most important single Civil Rights Movement Activists because of his leadership qualities, activities to attain civil rights and attainments.
Leadership Qualities Of Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr. was an exemplary leader of the Civil Rights Movement. During his life he exhibited five important leadership qualities including faith, honesty, strong cognitive ability, high self confidence, willpower and social acceptability (Chumach 1).
King’s Hard work To Attain Civil Rights
King had to experience immense hardships to attain civil rights for the African Americans of United States but he was a believer and promoter of nonviolent protest. One of the greatest activities performed by him during his fight for the civil rights was his speech which is recognized as I have a dream (King 1).
King’s Achievements In Relation To Civil Rights Movement
His protests and his determination to attain the civil rights of the minorities of US resulted in the achievement of various civil rights for the minorities. One of the biggest achievements of his life was the attainment of voting rights with the enactment of Voting Rights Act during 1965.
This section will include the summary of the entire research paper including the leadership qualities, the hard work and the attainments of Martin Luther King Jr.
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