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This essay describes people are at violating even the simple rules that have been put in place to ensure the existence of a peaceful and harmonious society. Knight uses vivid description while describing the serene environment at their residence…
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The environment of Knight
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The environment of Knight
Knight’s essay is vehemently aimed at indicating how good people are at violating even the simple rules that have been put in place to ensure the existence of a peaceful and harmonious society. “They are merely pieces of paper for which the violators feel outright contempt.” The signs placed to warn or direct people are nebulously unheeded even at the presence of state law officers who seldom take any action to perpetuate the offenders.
Knight uses vivid description while describing the serene environment at their residence. She notes that, “..have watched blue herons wading in our ponds, turtles sunning on the shore and mallards swimming with their young”. She also uses vivid description when narrating the variety of birds found at their place. “..tiny ruby-throated hummingbird to exotic ring-necked pheasant”. Additionally, vivid language is used to describe the experiences of the fisrt autumn where hunters flocked Knight’s personal land. “”Cars and trucks filled with orange- and camouflaged-attired hunters crept slowly by”. The use of vivid language candidly and comprehensively illuminates the essay by helping the reader form a mental image of the environment that Knight lives in thus making the narration more fascinating and introspective. It is makes the story iridescent and enthralling.
Knight endeavors to augment his essay by overly using specific examples from her experiences to irradiate the depressing obliviousness and signs desecration that subsists in the contemporary American society. She uses the instances where police rightly accepted $200 fines for hunters who had ostensibly violated laws and when two rabbit hunters walked into Knight’s land and claimed that they have hunted the grounds for years without being caught or probed.
I effusively concur with Knight’s assertion that signs are not effective in controlling offenders particularly hunters. There are many conspicuous signs that have been placed to guard and guide conduct but are perfectly disregarded as though they never existed. It is common to find signs such as “NO PARKING” but people haphazardly park infront of or under the sign. People’s intention to harm others and the predominant insidiousness is prodigious and placing signs has proven futile. Read More
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