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The writer of the essay "The Great Mandela" gives a sufficient information about Nelson Mandela. He was an ideal choice for this research since he had done significant changes in his time while advocating for black and white people equity in South Africa…
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The Great Mandela
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The Great Mandela
In my research project, I wanted to get sufficient information about Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was an ideal choice in this research since he had done significant changes in his time while advocating for black and white people equity in South Africa. Having gone to prison for 27 years then emerged to be the first president of South Africa. He only ruled for one term against the thoughts of many who thought that he would stick in presidency like many other leaders who were not willing to step from power after a number of terms. He was a president between 1994 and 1999 when he retired from politics and embarked on peace missions across the globe (Finlayson, 2006). This research will focus on the problems that I faced while doing the research, the research strategy that I employed and how I was able to curb the problems to come with a precise paper that covered all that was required for this project.
Any good research employs adequate literature that is reliable as there is a lot of fluff and misleading information especially on the internet nowadays. I employed a strategy where I would get the information I would use from the recorded literature in the field, questionnaires from people enlightened in the field and also from media such as videos and speeches from online engines like YouTube. This were more reliable as I didn’t want a situation where I would receive compromised results in this study.
During the research I encountered major problems that I will highlight in this work and the solutions I employed to ensure that the study was successful. The first problem was inadequate literature in the field. Many of the libraries and online resources that I sought had limited information which was too limited to be used. However, with intense research and accessing worldwide resource centres, I was able to get the information I needed. I had earlier written the guide to the information I needed so I had an easy time getting the important information and discarding the fluff. Being a famous leader in Africa and the world at large many scholars have written articles and journals on his rise and tribulations in the quest for freedom and equity in a country marred with racial prejudice during the apartheid period.
Another problem I encountered is the authenticity of the information available over the search engines. Many people who post their information on the online forums do not intensive research and so they end up delivering information that is either compromised in quality or not true. I therefore had to compare information from various sources so as to come up with a final draft that was the best of all the ones that I sourced information from. This helped me a lot as I learnt more on the African icon and so I had the choice to get the best for my work. This was time consuming but worth it.
Lastly, I had to be conversant with the rules of sourcing information so as to produce original work. Plagiarism is not allowed and so I had accredit all the people who contributed to the literature that I used for my work. At last I had my work which covers the life of Nelson Mandela.
Cited Work
Finlayson, Reggie. Nelson Mandela. Minneapolis, Minn: Lerner Publications Co, 2006. Print. Read More
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The Great Mandela Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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