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This essay discusses the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, that is part of the long-term Israel-Palestine conflict that has occasioned higher border tensions and extremist tides across the Middle East. Israel and Hamas are in conflict with the Gaza Strip and Hamas…
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Ethical Relativism and Rights, Equality and Justice
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that to Hamas, the conflict is all about responding to an aggressive and oppressive neighbor since it refused to recognize Israel and past Palestinian agreements regarding the border and settlements thus escalating the existing border tensions since 2006. The Palestinians living in Gaza Strip and West Bank have equal rights to express their opinions, practice their religion and access basic human services such as food and gas. Accordingly, the Palestinians must be treated equally with respect and dignity. Israel blockade in Gaza has created a humanitarian crisis since 2007 since all border crossing and naval pathways have been restricted in the territory it controls. Although Israel has claimed the goal of the blockade is to diminish Hamas capability of building rockets and mortars, such move has led to the suffering of thousands of Palestinian civilians since it has restricted access to basic services such as healthcare, food, electricity, gas and construction materials.
Israel asserts that the airstrikes and ground incursion into Hamas is a retaliation of the teenage boys abducted by Hamas and perceives Hamas as a threat since it has launched numerous rockets into Israel territory. Hamas claims that Israel has no moral right of self-defense since it has occupied Palestinian land and implemented a blockade that has led to the humanitarian crisis. However, the best action by the United States is to call for the end of the current hostilities and conflicts that have claimed lives of innocent civilians. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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