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Every nation has experienced demographic change and some still continue to change even today. However, in china, their demographic transition is unique compared to other countries. The demographic transition in china was driven by several factors that played a major role in the demographic process of change…
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Chinas unique demographic evolution
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Download file to see previous pages Every nation has experienced demographic change and some still continue to change even today. However, in china, their demographic transition is unique compared to other countries. The demographic transition in china was driven by several factors that played a major role in the demographic process of change. The first factor is the convectional institutional arrangement followed by the unconventional arrangement of the same (Li 126). Additionally, China’s economic development and social change have also played a major role to mark the demographic transition.Factors Influencing Demographic Transition.Every country that has experienced demographic change, experienced some certain common stages of transition. The first stage has characteristics of high birth rate and a high mortality rate, as a result, a low natural growth is marked. The second stage is characterized by a high birth rate and a low mortality rate, which leads to a high natural growth rate. The third stage is a low birth rate and low mortality rate that marks a low natural growth rate. The first stage of demographic transition is marked with low level of life quality and social development. When the mortality level is high, people rely an increased birth rate to maintain their population. This stage did not have much difference between early developed countries and later developing ones. On the other hand, the second stage came with an improvement in life quality and sanitary condition which was as a result of economic development. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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