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China and Inexperienced Industrial Revolution - Essay Example

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From this paper, it is clear that the industrial revolution was a model of transition from the old way of manufacturing processes to the recent innovative way of mechanized processes. Obviously, that this transition took place within a period of around a century…
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"China and Inexperienced Industrial Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages Coal was at the time a better form of heat production. It gave constant, reliable amount of heat without giving out a lot of by-products as a waste (McCloskey 2010).
The changeover was due to great innovation from individuals and group of people who skilfully devised ways to make work easier and create a better life for everyone (Chai 2011). Most of the innovations were involuntary and automatic, but additionally, there were others that founded through a series of experiments and exploit of science (Duiker and  Spielvogel 2011). This revolution, that is an industry based, commenced in Britain and a few years later it stretched to the United States of America, as well as Western Europe (Chai 2011).
It grades one of the most significant turning points in the account of the history of the whole world. Nearly all aspects of the everyday life of the inhabitants of the planet were greatly influenced in one way or another (Nolan 2008). The thing that was mostly experienced was the sharp growth of the human population. The society at this period was exceedingly rural in nature. The revolution changed this to a much modern and urban society for most of the nations at that time (Beele 2002). Many countries experienced this mode of change that spread from the center of origin in Britain. China has had a dynamic economy in terms of its economy in the recent years (Nolan 2008). But why did it delay in achieving better industrialization that other states in Europe and other countries in the regions of the world were developing in the period? This paper is going to assess the reasons why China did not experience ‘industrial revolution’ between c. 1700 and 1949. According to Bayor (2011), there was a delay in the industrialization in China until later in the century. In order to curb these problems, the country decided to raise its investment significantly together with the signing of a huge number of deals that included overseas companies that offered their services in the construction of some of the chief amenities for compound fertilizer manufacture, steel production and oil mining and processing in the refinery plant.These factors - availability of raw materials in Europe, a lot of richness acquired from the colonies, the widespread trade around the world, the presence of a unwavering form of government that offered support to the effectiveness of real establishments and was optimistic in scientific progress - made the European countries gain an upper advantage in revolutionising earlier in the century. China was not able to compete with these countries owing to the conditions which it was in that period.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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