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The present essay entitled "Women Lives during World War I Era" dwells on the place of women during World War I. Admittedly, the coming of the World War II and the Roaring Twenties characterized decades of distinct cultural edges within a period of sustained economic prosperity…
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Women Lives during World War I Era
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Women Lives during World War I Era The coming of the World War 11 and the Roaring Twenties, a term associated in referenceto the 1920s in the U.S, characterized decades of distinct cultural edges within a period of entirely sustained economic prosperity. This era had deep emphasis on social, cultural and artistic dynamism from or fields and in this case, discussed herein, the matters regarding women and their role change or rights. Politics saw normalcy restored during the wake of the patriotism’s hyper-emotional round after the First World War when the jazz music blossomed, the Art Deco Peaked and the flapper redefined what is known today as the modern womanhood. From an economic perspective, this era brought large scale diffusion with higher use of automobiles, motion pictures, unprecedented industrial growth, electricity and telephone, aspirations and accelerated consumer demand with extended alterations in culture and lifestyle. This same era had women acquiring their right to vote for the very first time in history.
In the 1920s and toward the coming of the WWII, urbanization was at its climax. The U.S path to the WWII set the present pattern in the white collar jobs within and toward the late 19th century which has today become the norm of life in this nation. Unmarried women had strived to a point of attaining clerical employments. As mentioned above, women could vote after the realization of the 1920s’ 19th Amendment giving them the right to vote after a long struggle, protests and movements directed to this right. There was a gap formed between the modern women in the 1920s versus the previous generation. There were strong stereotypes prior to that amendment that emphasized that women could not multitask on both their families and careers, which was reversed in this era. There was evidence of reduced investment in the entire social services compared to the progressive generations. This tune of capitalistic spirited era saw the woman eager to find and compete with her personal fulfillment.
Among other changes in the 1920s, women WWI allowed females to indulge themselves in temporarily in industries such as those processing automobiles, chemical, steel or iron manufacturing that some time back were deemed inappropriate for them. Race was also on the verge of being concerned in work premises where black women had started to find employment slots in industries, temporarily, during the First World War although on low wages although time saw them put back labor force consisting of agriculture, laundry works and domestic servant at 75% in the 1920s.
The suffrage achievements led the feminists to refocus their efforts to new goals where groups such as the NWP, National Women’s Party, carried on the political struggle with proposals such as the Equal Rights Amendment of the 1923. Movements also strived for laws that tagged sex as a source of discrimination against women. As this continued, most women redirected their focus from political activities to ways that challenged the definitions of womanhood. The younger female generation began claiming skates to their bodies and played roles in their sexual liberation
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Women Lives During World War I Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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