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He finished the painting in 1908 with the main aim of depicting the amusement park found on an island in South Coast. The major reason for choosing this art is because of…
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9.1 Select and Discuss an Image
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South Beach Bathers by John Sloan Image showing South Beach Bathers 1907-1908 As one of the revered artists around the globe, I chose the late John Sloan’s “South Beach Bathers”. He finished the painting in 1908 with the main aim of depicting the amusement park found on an island in South Coast. The major reason for choosing this art is because of the way he presents the beach as a major attraction even though at the time only few visitors came to the park. The art presented an opportune moment for Sloan to supports the beauty of realist view, especially his fond love for the theme urban life. As John Sloan states, the island resort, at the time of painting had less visitors than the neighboring Coney Island.
As can be depicted from the art, it was able to portray John Sloan adherence to realism and hence socialism. The central focus of the art is the beach with the people in it, most probably depicting the behavior of people inside; consequently, showing the realist nature. His preference for expression of what is happening in the contemporary settings, as can be seen by the woman touching her hat, in the middle ground. The other people, still in the middle ground have turned their focus on the woman, appreciatively, as they continue lounging on the beach sand. They embrace each other with joy and passion, as can be seen by those women supporting themselves on the men. Intuitively, the artist constructively uses women in his piece as objects of desire in the society. He depicts the ability of different genders to interact with one another with a recommendable touch, within our contemporary world.
The use of happy women in the picture also portrays Sloan’s realism view about the modern New Yorkers. One can assume that the women in the middle ground are happy beside the male characters because of the presented gleeful atmosphere. This insinuates the new independence found within the New York residence that makes them interact freely with each other. Just like realist before him, he was able to capture the essence of independence found in the urban life. Nonetheless, the artist also depicts beauty of urban life in his art. They are wearing gleaming hats which fits them in a glamorous manner. Further, the women have also worn dresses which discern the curves and beauty of their bodies, as shown by the one adjusting he art.
The realism nature of the piece also comes out when accessing the artist’s ability to depict urban genre scenes. As aforementioned, the beach had few visitors at the time; he makes use of dark palette, bold and sketch brushwork to give the island park an intriguing view. The foreground presents a graceful and gleeful environment that makes the characters appeased with their surroundings. By their behaviors of leaning to one another and embracing their surroundings, the artist was able to capture the peaceful venture found in the place. Through this, the audience can easily buy the essence that the beach, and others around New York, presents the peacefulness and harmony existing between the citizens. Read More
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9.1 Select and Discuss an Image Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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