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The European Nations felt that the settlement in the Middle East after the war fuelled endemic conflict as opposed to bringing harmony and stability within the locality. The American government did not show any form of interest in Arabia because they believed that the region had…
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Read: From Bibles to Drill Bits
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From Bibles to Drill Bits Question The European Nations felt that the settlement in the Middle East after the war fuelled endemic conflict as opposed to bringing harmony and stability within the locality. The American government did not show any form of interest in Arabia because they believed that the region had minimal commercial importance since no significant development was evident.
Question 2
King Ibn Saud regarded the American missionaries as captivated evangelists. One thing that he was most interested in was obtaining effective medical care.
Question 3
Increased industrialization and manufacture of automobiles prompted the US to look elsewhere for overseas reservoirs due to increased demand for petroleum. Apparently, their main hope was the Middle East. However, they encountered several challenges such as difficulties in locating oil. The main challenge was numerous political obstacles in the region.
Question 4
An agreement between the American government and Ibn Saud stated that the US would offer Gold in exchange for drilling oil marked a turning point for America’s associations with the Middle East. This agreement resulted to long-term economic ties amid both nations
Question 5
The “Saudi oil and Saudi contracts” jointly permeated fresh vivacity into the American oil industry since America still suffered from the economic depression (Oren 283).
Question 6
The emergence of the Second World War jeopardized American investment in Arabia. The Saudi government favoured German ruthlessness to some extent.
Question 7
President Roosevelt denied financial assistance to Saudi Arabia because he believed that the country was corrupt and non-democratic, and this forced Ibn Saud to start feuds with the Americans.
Question 8
British withdrawal from committing itself to Palestine due to Arab antagonism dragged America into the “Arab-Jewish morass”.
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Oren, Michael. “From Bibles to Drill Bits”. ND. Web. 4th July 2014. Read More
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