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In what ways did industrialization create new opportunities for women How and why were these opportunities limited - Essay Example

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Industrialization brought a change in women’s occupational choices as they faced a conflict between earning money and fulfilling domestic responsibilities. The evolution of…
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In what ways did industrialization create new opportunities for women How and why were these opportunities limited
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"In what ways did industrialization create new opportunities for women How and why were these opportunities limited"

Download file to see previous pages portunities increased for women in terms of domestic manufacturing, employment opportunities for women started to decline from the 1880s until after the Second World War as the employment opportunities became related to the stagnating textile industry. Agriculture, domestic services, and manufacturing had started to contract in this phase. Change of the industry’s structure toward such heavy industries as metallurgy, machines, and mining signified a decrease in the work for married women workers. Although the government was not controlled by socialism until the 1917 Russian revolution, yet many governments were forced to target the industrial society’s abuses, as a result of which the parliament prohibited women’s underground employment e.g. “many women had worked in coal mines as "drawers" in which they pulled carts of coal from the mines with straps attached to their shoulders” (“The Industrial Revolution”). By 1914, certain new protest outlets including feminism and new work roles emerged for women. New standards and ideas brought important changes in the home (Stearns et ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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