Woman in the 1920s - Admission/Application Essay Example

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It was a common perception in the society then that women should not work outside the home if their husbands made good earnings. That was the time when marriage mainly remained the most sought-after goal in…
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Woman in the 1920s
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Sur Supervisor Woman in the 1920s In the 1920s after the World War I, womens role began changing rapidly. It was a common perception in the society then that women should not work outside the home if their husbands made good earnings. That was the time when marriage mainly remained the most sought-after goal in young women; only young unmarried girls used to work outside home until they remained unmarried. However, gradually, the proportion of working women went up by 25 percent across the US. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the Olympics would not allow women athletes until 1912 for it was believed that women would not be able to handle the toughness needed in the sports. Even doctors would warn that women might damage their reproductive organ in the sporting activities; however, the myths began shattering soon. Didrikson Zaharias, a great woman athlete, made world records in several track-and-field events by the end of 1920s.
The major change in women in 1920s was witnessed in political arena. Women started believing that they have every right to participate in politics. By the end of decade women became members to national, state and local political bodies and committees and began influencing the federal government in policy matters. The new women would seek more autonomy rejecting what was traditionally followed since ages by their mothers and grandmothers; that is to say, women in ‘20s began challenging conventional gender roles that were set by society.
Women were given the right to vote in 1920 through the Nineteenth Amendment of constitution. Women stopped wearing corsets and long skirts. Those who began flaunting unconventional conduct and dresses came to be known as flappers. They began not only smoking in public but also liberated sexually. The number of divorces increased two-fold and became relatively easy. On educational front, during 1920s, women began opting for college education that was then considered rare. It is important to notice that North Carolina State College registered its first female student in 1921. By 1928, there were 21 women enrolled in the college.
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