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Evolution in Education over the 75 Years - Research Paper Example

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Evolution in Education over the 75 Years Name University How has education changed over the past 75 years in terms of subjects taught, discipline and the college expectations? If the quality, quantity, nature and the scope of education are analyzed over the course of the past 75 years, a pattern of change and evolution can be traced out…
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Evolution in Education over the 75 Years
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Evolution in Education over the 75 Years

Download file to see previous pages... Therefore, in this regard it is important to scrutinize the eras, i.e. the 1920s, the 1950s and the 1980s with reference to the developments regarding education. The beginning of the twentieth century saw the First World War, which contributed much to the educational developments of that time. Therefore, it is also important to keep in view the socio-political situations of that time. The first decade of the century was a period of tremendous religious strife, immense discrimination based on racism and the Red Scare. Various factors prevalent at that time led to the evolution in education. At that time, there was a separate education for the African Americans and the White Americans on the basis of equal but separate education. Also, that decade saw a struggle for the separation of state form religion, thus religion was still being incorporated in the curriculum of the schools. Also, a debate over the public versus private schools dominated the period. The positive developments in the decade include a high enrollment rate, an increase in public schools and an increase in local school districts. The subjects being taught in the 1920s include science, home economics, physical education, geography, and the industrial arts. In this context, it is also important to point out the progressive movement for education that dominated that time. This movement implied that the educational procedures were driven towards being student centered instead of being teachers focused. Owing much to the recently ended World War 1, the market for politics, business and education was also being enhanced. However, only the most privileged members of the society had access to higher education and opted for subjects related to social sciences. Education was more of a privilege and the concept of higher education was only associated with the white and the rich men of the society, as women didn’t even had the right to vote back in the 1920s. Coming to the 1960s, this was the decade following the World War II and the era dominated by the cold war. Though the American education at this time was still segregated based on religion, the schools were finally integrated for all the races, and women now had the rights to vote. The Catholic perspective of study is important to analyze in the context of education as it added conservatism to the nature of education. For instance, the students didn’t score a 100% on their papers as perfection was only associated with God. Almost all Catholic schools had uniforms as mandatory apparel. There were fewer field trips and less practicality in the course of studies. Though education was more widespread than before, education was still more commonly associated with the rich white men (Schofer & Meyer, 2005). Tools for research and practice were very limited in the 1960s as the students had to access libraries physically and typewriters were the most modern sources to inscribe the contents. The most commonly taught subjects at that time were sciences, language subjects like Latin, English, Spanish, and other subjects like Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, History, Reading, Gym, Music and Home Economics. To promote education, the tuition fee was kept lower and thus, the enrollment rate was increased. However, the success rate of acquiring a degree for the African-Americans and women was still lower. As compared to the 1920s, the expectation rate of a common man to attain higher education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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