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It seems he wanted the people of Roman Empire to honor him in a unique way other than what they had previously done for him. In the epitaph, he describes how the Romans had honored him by making his statues, but it…
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Prof: Res Gestae Thesis ment Because Augustus was a modesty leader, he became a successful emperor in the Roman Empire. Modesty
The theme of modesty is recurring throughout Augustus epitaph. It seems he wanted the people of Roman Empire to honor him in a unique way other than what they had previously done for him. In the epitaph, he describes how the Romans had honored him by making his statues, but it seems this did not please him. Augustus says he removed the statues himself, but these statues were great honors in the Roman Empire.1 By removing these statues, Augustus does not want to be seen as ostentatious.
Augustus says he used the money he got from the statues to make golden offerings to the temple of Apollo. He refers to his offerings as golden, implying that they are valuable. The statues, which Augustus removed, were made of silver. He, however, chose gold for the temple because it was more valuable than silver.2 He is interested in donating what he feels is the best to the temple. It shows his desire to give back to the society instead of benefiting himself, a sign of modesty.
In another situation, Augustus describes how he had bailed out the public treasury, built roads, and financed major public projects.3 He also describes how he had built a strong army in his nineteenth year using personal resources. His modesty comes out clearly from his desire to achieve the societal goals rather than personal ambitions.
Augustus modesty is also evident from the way he chose to store the silver statues he had removed. It seems he did not want to offend the people who had honored him by building the statues. He chose to put their names on his offerings to the Apollo temple.
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