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The theme of genocide is evident in the case of Darfur considering that the area witnesses a lot of violence, rape, killings, and other atrocities against innocent people. The situation of Darfur seems pathetic in spite of the interventions of the international community. The…
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Writing a found poem
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Darfur List of words and Phrases Conflict 2. died 3. disease 4. many rebel factions 5. attacking government targets 6. accusing 7. oppressing black Africans in favour of Arabs
8. many years of tension
9. refugees
10. slaughtering men, raping women and stealing
11. genocide is taking place
12. accelerating avalanche of violence
13. war crimes
14. people have fled their homes
15. responsible for some atrocities.
16. peace talks between Khartoum and Jem
17. thousands of peacekeepers
18. A taste of hope
19. tell people to refocus
20. Its not over
Themes and Main Ideas
The theme of genocide is evident in the case of Darfur considering that the area witnesses a lot of violence, rape, killings, and other atrocities against innocent people. The situation of Darfur seems pathetic in spite of the interventions of the international community. The theme of activism features prominently in the situation of Darfur. Many people both locals, foreigners, and international organizations are playing a role in trying to bring sanity back to the region. Some local leaders are urging the people of Darfur to refocus and do whatever they can to make their lives better in spite of the situation. Because of the activism of different parties, the international community has responded to help Darfur overcome the conflict and deplorable situation it is going through.
The theme of hope is well presented in the case of Darfur. Although the situation of the ground is bad with bloodshed, murder, rape and theft being the order of the day, many people in Darfur are clinging onto hope. They hope for a better future. Some leaders are urging locals to refocus and are spreading a message of hope in the midst of the turmoil. Their message is “Its not over”. Some people have lost their lives in the hope that the situation in Darfur has become better.
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Reeves, Eric. Activists strive to bring attention back to Darfur crisis. Darfur Daily News. February 15, 2014. Web. Read More
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